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Vibrating equipment series
Standard testing sieve
Standard testing sieve
Detailed description:

XZ-300 test sieve (also known as test sieve, particle size sieve) is a granularity analysis instrument that can be automatically shut down at a regular time, can ensure repeatability of test, and is full-featured and easy to operate. A particle material can be accurately separated from 2 to 8 particle segments at the same time, and can also be used to analyze the fineness and impurity content of the slurry material. Widely used in laboratory, quality inspection room and other inspection departments to determine the particle size distribution of particles, powders, product impurity content, liquid solids content detection analysis.

The main application industries 

XZ-300 test sieve is widely used in food, medicine, chemical, abrasive, pigment, mining, metallurgy, geology, ceramics, national defense and other industries research institutes, laboratory and so on. 


1.Small size, does not occupy space and can move easily.

2.Automatic shutdown

3.Guarantee experimental repeatability

4.Full function and simpler operation

5.Low noise and light weight

6.Platform operation without fixing

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