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LZF  warehouse wall vibrator
LZF warehouse wall vibrator
Detailed description:

Anti-blocking device, also known as warehouse wall vibrator, used to make the inclined wall of the bunker high-frequency vibration to destroy the relatively stable status of the material. In order to eliminate the unsteady flow of materials in the warehouse, such as arching and silo wall adhesion, to ensure that the material flow out of the silo, hopper. Anti-blocking device has the advantages of simple structure, strong anti-blocking force, low energy consumption, long life, adjustable excitation force, etc. Widely used in industries such as coal, metallurgy, refractory, pharmaceuticals, power generation, ports and rail transportation.


Installation brief description

1.Whether or not separated, each outlet is a warehouse.

2.Appropriate anti-blocking device is selected according to the form of silo, wall thickness of silo, and material properties inside silo.

3.According to the working characteristics of the anti-blocking device's high-frequency vibration, a 2-level vibration motor should be adopted, and the anti-blocking capability can be adjusted.

4.Silo external installation methods and locations are shown in the figure

Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, Figure 4

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