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Some problems that should be noticed when installing vibration motor

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After installation, the engine body and the foundation should have cable press device, cables between them are naturally suspended, the proper total length are 300-500mm. When the two vibration motors on the linear vibration equipment works at the same time, the motor rotation direction should be detected. The rotation direction of the two vibration motors should be opposite to ensure the materials go forward uniformly.  

Adjustment of vibration motor excitation force

   Each output shaft of the vibration motor has one fixed eccentric block and one adjustable eccentric block, the adjustment of the angle between them can change the excitation force. The angle between the fixed eccentric block and the adjustable eccentric block is zero when leave the factory, and this is the rated excitation force, and the excitation force will decrease gradually with the increasing of the angle.  Special attention should be paid when regulate the excitation force, the adjustable eccentric blocks should be adjusted to the same angle and the same direction.  

Adjustment procedures of vibration motor excitation force

1.Remove the shield.

2.Unscrew the bolts of the outside eccentric blocks.

3.Both eccentric blocks should be rotated at the same direction to point to same scale value, then make sure the both ends have the same angle.

Maintenance and storage of vibration motor

The vibration motor bearings should be supplement grease at regular intervals, generally every 2-3months. The fuel-injection quantity is 1/3 or 1/2 of the bearing room volume.  

Generally, the vibration motor needs a minor repair after operation for 4-6 months, and a major repair after 1 year. The minor repair include the dust removing, insulation resistance inspection and wiring security. The major repair include opening electrical machinery, removing the dirt retention inside and outside the engine body, inspecting the bearing wear and the contact. The ground connection and all fastening bolts should be tightened, and the lubricating grease should be changed in time.  

If abnormal noise is found during operation, the vibration motor should be immediately shut down to check and eliminate the faults . 

Moderate axial float is allowed in vibration motor.

Shafts and bearings in vibration motor are moving matching. 

The vibration motor uses single-row tapered roller bearing, the axial play must be controlled between0.30-0.35mm, excessive clearance may cause electrical burn.   

The vibration motor should be stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse, aggressive gas is forbidden. Prevent the products from moisture and cold condition, make sure no rust and metamorphic grease occurrence. 


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