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Service Conditions and Scope of Application

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1.The environment temperature of application is between 15 degree and 40 degree. 

2.Altitude is below 1000 metre.

3.Stator winding temperature is below 80 degree.

4.Bearing temperature is below 10580 degree.

Fixing and Adjustment

1.Do not collide.

2.Before fixing, check the applicability between tail bolt hole and the pedestal tail bolt.

3.Check the applicability between operating requirement and scutcheon data.

4.If the motor is halt for three months or the motor is new, before use it we should check the insulating resistance. If the motor is in damp, we should be dry it, the temperature is more than 180 degree.

5.Tail bolt must use locking device, to prevent the bolt becoming flexible and damaging the motor.

6.If two vibrating motors work together, two motors revolve opposite direction.

7.If the vibrant force is not settle for the demand, we should adjust the force.


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